Centrifuges Service

Our area of activity comprises

  • the new production of complete centrifuges.
  • the manufacture of spare parts for all makes and types.
  • the refurbishment of centrifuges.
  • the modification of centrifuges in relation to new technologies.
  • the conversion of used machinery to meet new product requirements.

Our many years of experience enable us to offer these services for all makes and types.

A general refurbishment carried out by us comprises the following services:

  • The machines are completely taken apart.
  • All individual parts are cleaned and checked for dimensional stability.
  • Defective parts are reconditioned or replaced.
  • Bearings and seals are replaced with the same brands, used by the manufacturer.
  • Painted parts are sand-blasted and repainted.
  • After the machine has been assembled, a trial run is carried out. During this procedure, all machine-relevant measurement parameters are monitored with assistance from a computer.
  • The machines can be modified with respect to the control system, hydraulics, accident prevention regulations etc.